The Old Country's Loving Call

Dear friends!

Radio Belarus International invites you to take part in a new listener feedback campaign The Old Country's Loving Call!

If you are of Belarusian descent, seize this unique opportunity to send an online greeting to your native land, your family and relatives! Take a selfie, make a video or just write a letter highlighting your connections with Belarus and send using the submission form below or directly to (click to send mail)!

The contributions from our participants are regularly published here, and the best of them will be awarded with prizes!

Sheryl writes: "Greetings to Belarus from the USA. My grandfather came to Wisconsin from Poland in 1911. However, I recently learned that my surname, Paszkiewicz, is Belarusian. I am very excited to hear news from Belarus and to learn more about your country. I used to listen on shortwave and can now hear Radio Belarus very clearly online.Wishing all the best to the people of Belarus for the future - Sheryl Paszkiewicz".



My name is Tatiana Mailiz Cuz Samusenko.  I live in the city of Berisso, Argentina.

I am a descendant of Belarussians. My maternal great-grandfather named Gregorio Samusenko was Belarussian and after the war, escaping from it settled in the city to which I belong.

Berisso is the Provincial Capital of the Immigrant, which is why not only Belarusians have stayed, but also immigrants from different countries such as Spaniards, Greeks, Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Italians, Arabs, among others. These immigrants gathered and formed collectives, institutions in which they carried out the dances, typical foods, language, traditions, handicrafts, choirs, etc; of the various countries to which they belonged.

I am currently 27 years old and from the 3 - 4 years of life that I dance in the Chaika Group of the Belarusian Collective-Club Vostok de Berisso- My family participates actively in the activities of the institution and it was my mother who took me from small to me and my brothers to be part of this so beautiful that is to represent the roots of our great-grandparents.
In the community we develop diverse activities, not only dance.
We cook typical food: Varenikes, Kapusta, Golubtsy ...

In 2014 I had the opportunity to know the land of my ancestors where I participated in an event that brought together Belarusians from all over the world, held in the city of Minsk and this year I was able to return to Minsk for a vacation. It is wonderful and a great dream to travel around Belarus.
From Argentina and having made a review of what is my life I send greetings to all the Belarusians and soon I will return to visit them.

My greatest blessings for you.



Heartfelt greetings to the Homeland from the Sobolevski family, Kansas, USA!

Hugs and kisses to mom, daughter Yulia, uncle Slava and his family Tania and Nadia, and dad's brother Volodia.

Best regards to native Belarus!


Greetings from Wroclaw to friends and family in Minsk from the Fursevich family!


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